Surface Plotter History

Oct 19, 2001

Surface Plotter 1.30b2 released.
Fixed a bug in the parser. Thanks to Christian, Wolfgang <>
The source code of Surface Plotter is now released under GPL. Feel free to use it.

May 19, 1997

Surface Plotter 1.30b1 released. Menu commands and some new features (Image to surface conversion, contour plot, density plot, etc) were added. Better documented. The URL of Surface Plotter changed to

Nov 11, 1996

Surface Plotter 1.20 released, together with my new homepage The URL of Surface Plotter changed to

Nov 8, 1996

Surface Plotter 1.20 completed.
Surface manipulation routines were rewritten. Little changes in user interface
Now supports up to two functions to be displayed simultaneously.
min, max, atan2, mod were added into built-in functions

Oct 25, 1996

Bug in Surface Plotter 1.10 function parser found and fixed

Oct 17, 1996

Surface Plotter 1.10 released
Completely rewritten from its previous version, 1.04. Almost all user interface routines were rewritten from scratch, using better Java programming approach. Relational operators, boolean operators, and "if" function were added.

Jul, 9 1996

Surface Plotter 1.02 was rated top 25% Web Applet by JARS

Jun, 28 1996

Surface Plotter 1.04 released
Plus minus buttons for edit boxes were added

Jun, 18 1996

A bug in Surface Plotter 1.02 fixed

Jun, 17 1996

Surface Plotter 1.02 released
Application window size was made resizable. Submission to JARS

Jun, 9 1996

Surface Plotter 1.01 completed
Box scaling function was added.Can be run as an application too, but at a fixed window size
not released (not yet)

Jun, 7 1996

Surface Plotter 1.0 completed
The first version of Surface Plotter. Many, many bugs
not released (of course)

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