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What is Surface Plotter ?

Surface Plotter is a Java(tm) applet which plots surfaces defined by explicit two-variable mathematical function (i.e: z = f(x,y)). To run this applet, you need a Java-enabled Web Browser, such as Netscape Navigator 2.0 (newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (newer), or HotJava Beta (newer).

What's new in the current version ? See the release history

Submitting a bug report

This is a beta release of Surface Plotter 1.30. Please report any bug you found to Yanto Suryono. In your bug report, please include information about your system (can be displayed by selecting Help|System Information menu)

Check bug fixes often to keep track on new bugs and file replacements.

Send comments, suggestions, bug reports to Yanto Suryono